DayZ Creator Announces New Game For Xbox One Titled Vigor

Today DayZ creator Bohemia Interactive just announced a brand new game titled Vigor exclusively for Xbox One gamers. They also release two trailers – the announce and gameplay trailers which can be found below.

Game Overview from its official website

Norway, 1991.

Civilization lies in ruin. Will you rise from the debris?

Scandinavia, mostly untouched by the fallout of the war, remains the last safe zone in a post-apocalyptic Europe.

Norway, once a haven, has transformed into a cut-throat land of survival where only the ruthless – or cunning – make it out alive.

No Time for Uncertainty. Humanity is in disarray and resources are scarce.

Scavenge what you can. But be warned, you’re not alone out there…

Survive… cutthroat encounters for eight to 16 players.

Claim… precious resources and vital equipment.

Improve… your safe shelter and vital equipment.

Become… the courageous Outlander in post-war Norway.

Vigor will be coming exclusively to Xbox One this summer.

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