Unicorn Overlord: Josef’s Guide to Combat Trailer Unveiled!

The much-awaited tactical fantasy role-playing game, Unicorn Overlord, is scheduled to launch on March 8, 2024, across several gaming platforms. Players will command their forces in fierce battles in this exciting journey, developing their fighting techniques and unleashing heroic abilities. The recently released trailer, “Josef’s Guide to Combat,” offers a thrilling look at the dynamic fighting in the game.

Key Highlights from the Trailer:


  • Get familiar with the layout of the battlefield, how to arrange your forces, and how to carry out precise movements.
  • See the fury of battle scenes, the clash of swords, and the shout of magic.

Switching to Allied Forces:

  • As you deftly move between various forces in combat, you’ll see the value of cooperation.
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each ally when formulating your plan of action.

Valor Points and Valor Skills:

  • Earn valor points by deciding strategically and accomplishing goals on the battlefield.
  • Use your valor points to unleash skills that can completely change the course of a fight.

Passive and Active Skills:

  • Give your characters a variety of abilities to customize them.
  • Select your active skills carefully for direct combat impact, or passive skills that improve your attributes.

Watch the trailer below:

Get ready for battle: Unicorn Overlord promises a deep and meaningful experience in which every decision counts. Josef’s Guide to Combat can help you become successful in this magical world whether you’re an experienced fighter or a novice to the genre.

Set March 8, 2024, as a reminder on your calendars, and prepare to lead your army to triumph on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, and Switch. The Unicorn Overlord is here!

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