Amazon Slashes Up To 80% Off On Several AAA Games

Today, Amazon has just kicked off a new game sale that steeply slashes several AAA games right now, including popular titles from Square Enix, Nintendo, SEGA, and more across multiple gaming platforms!

You can find the deals below here:

Deals ended

In addition to AAA games, Amazon also has other good games on sale with good discounts.

Amazon has a decent list of AAA games on sale right now, featuring AAA games from popular publishers such as Square Enix on sale for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gamers! If you’re looking to pick up new blockbuster games to play, make sure to take advantage of this sale at Amazon now! Be sure to bookmark our site and come back here for more gaming deal updates.

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Other Noteworthy AAA Games That Have Been On Sale For a While:

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