Amazon Slashes Up To 78% Off On Several Action Adventure, Fighting, RPG & Simulation Games

The online retailer Amazon is running a new game sale, discounting up to 78% off on a wide range of action-adventure, RPG, fighting, and simulation games right now for those looking to upgrade their game libraries this weekend for their PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

Check out the deals below:

Deals ended

If you’ve run out of games right now, Amazon has many game deals available for every gaming platform. That means no matter what gaming platforms you own, there will be something in there for you with big savings! So, make sure to check them out while they’re still around, bookmark our website, and come back here for more gaming deal updates.

If you missed out on the deals that were posted on our website recently, here are some of the best available deals right now.

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