Grandia HD Remaster Coming To PC In September

Grandia HD Remaster will be coming to PC this September, Steam has confirmed via its Steam store.

Here are some of its key features for Grandia HD Remaster

  • Enhanced UI, sprites, and texture art details
  • Original cinematic videos that have been visually enhanced
  • Widescreen support and customizable resolutions (PC only)
  • Steam cards and Achievements (PC only)
  • Audio: Japanese and English
  • Language Support: Original English and Japanese PLUS
  • French and German translations
  • Gamepad and keyboard support with remappable controls (PC only)

In addition, a Nintendo Switch version of this game will come as Grandia HD Collection that will come with Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster. Both will be available as Grandia HD Collection on August 16th, 2019 for Switch.

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